Thursday, October 1, 2009

Soaking Past Midnight

Getting in a quick midnight post while the kiln is soaking… I’ve been bustling around to get 3 bisques and what looks like 4 glaze kilns pushed though over a 2 week cycle. (I’m not looking forward to this next electric bill). I spent a bit of extra time this summer building up a library of greenware and bisque. The thought was that it would be nice to have lots of bisque to pick through when you’ve got an event in… What! 9 days!

I’m on track, but still… things do seem to happen at the most inopportune times.

Ran a short series of small 2 pound canisters with carved outlines with the crackel glaze through this last load and they did well. So many things can go wrong with this glaze, so I'm pretty happy with the results... At least they feel great!

The above glaze came out of the kiln with a sandstone matt finish. I had set-up a spot in the kiln to fire a cone cooler than the rest of the kiln for a cone 5 glaze and this was set in the zone for testing. I really liked it but the texture set my teeth on edge.
More yunomi for the Bone Orchard.

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