Sunday, October 11, 2009

Good Fair Neighbors

What a great weekend!
My wife, the kids, and I had a fantastic time at the Witchapalooza event in Sacramento. While I don’t think it fulfilled many venders’ wet dreams of manna raining down from the sky, it more than met our studio’s expectations for success. We had lots of small delicious victories, a few unexpected extra cherries, and one big banana of a happy dance that I’m still savoring…. but that’s another story… Thanks everyone!

Nico was the photographer in charge of collecting the documentation this weekend. I’ve been thoroughly convinced that there are many shots that only a six year old can get. Here are just a few shots of the people in our neighborhood this weekend. They were all our Good Fair Neighbors.


Anonymous said...

good to hear it was fun and a great success... looking forward to hearing what made you have the happy dance. i love great horned owls, such a dignified creature.

Lillian said...

Hi guys: don't keep us waiting to long to hear the happy banana dance thing. I have your works of art gracing my kitchen counter. One for tea and one for sweetner. and use the coffee cup all the time. Aunt lil