Monday, October 12, 2009

Decal Ketchup

Time to get caught-up with what’s been happening around the studio now that the flurry and excitement of this weekends show is past….pant pant pant. So many kiln loads went through over the past 2 weeks, I’m still overwhelmed by the pile of photos to sort through and work to be cataloged.

I was surprised by the results of the load of work with decals. I’ve gotten so used to seeing a kiln load of experiments head off in a direction other than what I had in mind, but this time things generally worked out how I had envisioned. My transparent green and transparent blue glazes milked up a lot with crystals, (bummer), but I didn’t put a whole lot of work in with those glazes so no big loss, (yea!).

It was really fun to revisit some of the older pieces and attack them with the decals. The results made for some particularly nice left field work.
I was trilled that the Witch/Bitch pieces were really well received. I thought they were a hoot!

The canisters were fun. Even the sides of smaller canisters provides a lot of real estate to play with. Now that a bit of time is opening up, I'm curios to explore a few the possibilities that are springing to mind.


Wenchie said...

All of those look amazing!

MudStuffing Pottery said...

LOOOOOVE! I'm a sucker for embellishement!

jbf said...


Anonymous said...

love the raven cup... great combo or glaze and decal

. c h o k l i t . said...

Oh good lord. These are incredible! I may be helpless to resist.

*off to browse*

. c h o k l i t . said...

Curses! Only the skull canister is in your shop... and that raven cup had me in a flurry. Will you be posting decal pieces in your shop soon?