Thursday, August 8, 2019

Pink WallFlower

When I look at this, I can feel the fleeting connection through a reciprocal gaze in my upper chest.

Thread of Conversation

The way you listen affects the way I speak...
The way I speak affects the way you listen...

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Blue blue Blue

Unposted from 09/07/2016 with text added.

This was a beautifully simple project that went through the studio 3 years ago (2016) done in collaboration with my partner Jessica Fong. We only made a handful of these yunomi before we moved on and now, looking around, they are all gone.

As usual, I’m surprised that they disappeared so fast, they had a discordant look and feel to them. Maybe that was the attraction... The unfamiliar flower is the siren call of bees.

The nice thing about a successful project is that once it’s done, it doesn’t need to be done again. Time is better used to explore and grow, not rehash a minor victories.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

States Become Traits

With enough frequency, states such as being left alone or being abused, can become a trait which patterns the way we manage our emotions and engrains the the neuro circuitry of the brain, becoming a pattern which we unconsciously gravitate to in order to help us manage our experience in the world. 
We drift to the familiar...

Monday, July 29, 2019

Week 17

Week 17 July 22nd -28th
A slow week with a few skipped days. The heat wasn’t even oppressive, but still, I managed to knock myself down by pruning roses all day as well as thinning out the trees over the walkways along the street. I have 12 healthy, mature, and unprunes Chinese Pistash that are now very much worked through as far as my pole saw can reach as well as 120 roses that are pruned and weeded.
Jess and I moved the small updraft gas kiln over to the Hatch Space. Once it’s up and plumbed in, we’ll start burning it and test firing it.
I keep daydreaming about color and paint. I daydream about setting up still lifes with a figure. I daydream about starting and finishing drawings and painting and all the marks in between.
Found a new podcast, “Art Grind”. Not sure how I missed this one. It’s a conversation podcast with 2D artists sharing their insights into a world of thought and actionthat’s, quite frankly, elements currently missing from American Acidemic Ceramics. I’m still bothered by what I’m seeing or by what I’m not seeing. I believe it has more to do with where I’m standing than what is actually there, but I rarely run across potters musing about the psychological effects of color, have any real insight into from, or even any interest in knowing themselves.