Thursday, May 19, 2016

Finding a Smile

Somebody's been playing in the FetishGhost studio... It makes me smile big to find this happening.
I'd love to see this studio breath a bit deeper.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

StockMarket Take-a-Way


The StockMarket I downtown Stockton was a three weeks ago and I have a few internal observations that I took away from this event. None are secrets or even brilliant observations, but they might help me manage expectations.

1. Signage isn't necessary, but name tags would be super helpful.  (Maybe that does count as signage) People love putting a name to the work and simply wearing a name tag can be a small gift towards building a new connection.
2. Peoples tastes will always surprise you. Let the audience make its own judgments. Don't invalidate their sense of taste by downplaying the value of the art even when comparing it to other works. (We had pulled the FetishGhost wares from the lineup before we left the studio. One cup made it to the event and I tucked it away behind us on a ledge in a window. During the event I turned around to see 3 old men crouching down looking closely and intently at the details of the cup facing them. Seeing that I spotted them, they stood, waved smiling, and walked on.) Note to self... just by approaching the work, they are engaging. 

3. Scarcity adds value.
We don't need to show a lot of work to show depth or excellence. To present too much at once can be overwhelming, (especially our work). Smaller collections are more comfortable chunks to interact and better communicate their unique natures.
4. A good partner should never ever be sold short. Standing next to Jessica Fong is always a pure delight.  Always treat your partner to a fine dinner after the day is done :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


This isn't just another teapot...

It's an inside look at what happens when a a natural intuitive talent starts playing in an area reserved for the big kids.
Honestly... I spend much of my time being flatly humbled by what is sitting next to me in the studio. I think this is just Jessica Fong's third or fourth teapot, but it functions so well that I'm almost hoping that it's just beginners luck.
Np dribble, well balanced, and the surface... totally dreamy. 

Monday, April 18, 2016






1. accompanying but not a major part of something. "for the potter who deals with real problems, a pots' surface is incidental to its function "

synonyms: less important, accidental, accompanying, adventitious, ancillary, attendant, by-the-way, casual, chance, circumstantial, coincidental, concomitant, concurrent, contingent, contributing, contributory, fluke, fortuitous, irregular, nonessential, occasional, odd, random, secondary, subordinate...


2. liable to happen as a consequence of (an activity). "the ordinary risks incidental to a craftsman's job" synonyms: connected with, related to, associated with, accompanying, attending, attendant on, concomitant to/with, "the risks incidental to the job"

Synonyms: connected with, related to, associated with, accompanying, attending, attendant on, concomitant to/with 
The things that we incidentally trip over on our way to a new design...
"... a simplified and strong graphic statement..." 
Very well timed kind words. 
Thank you Grace.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


4 years ago... We've come a long, long way partner. 

All the stories we could tell...

...and all the stories yet to be told.
Hop, hop, BOOM!