Saturday, May 16, 2015

High Five

Its really happening!

And it just kept getting better... 

See all those dots on Jess's work?

Mine had em too!
All of our work was sold in the first few opening hours of the show!

Happy Dance!

R & R

A what?
A vacation day trip to San Francisco?

Let me put the finishing touch on a work heading into the wet box and off we go!

 Take the train over the bridge and pop out of the station at the Asian Art Museum.

 This place is amazing!

 Another dream day with my studio partner... Art, Adventure, great food, good laughs (thanks Marc Maron), and oh those eyes...


Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015


Each evening over the past year, your hand has found mine as we stroll away from home.
I can feel your hand in mine as I write this.
You've filled my year as you have filled my heart...
with laughs, woofs and giggles.
Joy, hunger, contentment, compassion, and release...
You've help me come to better understand myself by accepting me for who I am and not for what others (including myself) choose to expect me to be.
And for reasons I still can not really understand, you allow me to Love you.
My cup overflows...
Thank you for our yesterdays.

Friday, March 20, 2015

"Blizzard" Test Tiles

I ended up pushing through the small electric kiln a batch of cups used to test the stability of a new base clear glaze. Its been selected to be used in combination with the studio Crackle and Crawl glaze.

This particular batch is tests using the clear under the Crawl glaze and the effects on varying the thickness of the crawl glaze.

The first example is a medium/heavy thickness application of the base clear glaze under the Crawl glaze. 

Clear base glaze (blue hares fur without oxides)
rim and foot dipped in clear
Interior glazed
body dipped rim down in clear
dried over night
body dipped in crawl

The second example is a much lighter application of the base clear.

Both worked very well and stabilized the crawl glaze beautifully, but the readability of the cobalt design became more subdued. The results are very nice either way. I need to up the cobalt carbonate and see how brightening up the blue affects the over all design.

Verdict... thumbs up