Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another Midnight Post

I'm baby sitting that last leg of the final kiln load needed for this weekend’s Witchapalooza event. Spent the day playing with my wife in the kitchen. We were putting designs on the “Nilla Ware” (as in plain vanilla ware) that went though the kiln the day before. The kitchen usually isn’t a sanctioned studio space for obvious reasons (the main reason is that I’m a habitually clay covered pig), but this time

I was allowed in the back door under the condition that I hadn’t wallowed in anything yet. We were working with decals that we had just printed up. This was the maiden voyage for the printer that we brought into the studio to help with a few side projects as we move further into fall. We ended up pushing through about 30 pieces before deciding that was a big enough first time commitment to this project and loaded up the kiln happy with a handful of the designs.


That’s what’s burning in the kiln now, so we have to wait until 5pm tonight before we get to see if they actually survive.

Are we pushing it to close to the deadline?


julietteisdead said...

I LOVE THEM. I AM WRITING THIS IN ALL CAPS TO MAKE A POINT. Why must I live on the other coast? If I lived out in CA I'd hit your Witchapalooza booth with the force of a CAT5 hurricane. There'd be nothing left but a stack of bewildered patrons wondering where the crap everything just disappeared to.

FetishGhost said...

I just shot coffee out my nose... hehehehhehehh

Sarah Dungan said...

Where's the wing of bat cup? ;D
These are excellent! I hope they fly off the shelves (tables? stands?).

mrsb said...

Those are crazy awesome! I wish I could have gotten my hands on that Eye of Newt!!