Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A few days ago I had quickly posted a shot of a freshly dipped glazed canister that had a waxed panel masked out. It was getting ready for a 2nd trip through the bisque. I mentioned that I wanted to sinter on a Blue Hare’s Fur glaze to use as a base glaze for the crawl glaze that I’ve been using. The difference between the sintered and unsintered base glaze is noticeable, but the main reason that I was waxing, sintering and rebisquing was so I would have a strait and easy shot at getting a nice application of the white crawl over the entire canister with good differentiation between the carved area with the Blue Hares Fur and the paper stenciled slipped panel. This combo is much easier to handle without all of the flaking and it seems a bit more predictable.


jimgottuso said...

the pieces look great as do the cannister in the next post and the decal work in the post after that, especially the raven, i totally dig any of the corvus genus. not sure what temp you take the Blue Hare's Fur glaze to get it sintered as i've not done this before but looking at the pictures of the ware with the unfired crawly glaze on it made me think my application was right on the money. now i'm wondering if you think that maybe my "fire down" profile in the computer controller for the kiln is the reason i don't get similar effects. i fire down to 1500 and maybe this has a slight healing affect? anyway, beautiful pots all around and i really like the nilla ware... good luck selling around halloween.

FetishGhost said...

I've got an old Paragon kiln who's temp drops like a stone when the kiln sitter flips. I'm thinking the firing down must be healing up the glaze and I'm skipping that.