Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Foot in China

I’ve had a few a neat encounters over the past month via e-mail, (the web is notorious for that), but I’ve was pushed by the curiosity of one in particular. I received a note out of the blue from someone in China that wanted to purchase a few yunomi, but could only pay in large denominations of cash. The circumstances raised question marks and even if this was on the up’n’up I just didn’t feel comfortable telling someone to stick cash in an envelope hoping that it’ll make it to my mailbox. Likewise, I had no idea whether any package I sent would make it to its destination. No clue.

But, at the same time, the writer seemed sincere and I could think of a few reasons to try and send something to him, least of which is to simply have a piece I made actually in China. The solution was a gift… he picked a piece and I boxed it up and sent it out. If it didn’t make it, I’d just be out a piece and the cost of shipping, no sweat… if it got there, I potentially have a new friend!

It made it! My new friends name is Shangguan. He’s a scholar and artist and has sent back some old Chinese characters for FetishGhost.

The word "Fetish" is made up from 3 characters and Ghost is one. But there are many characters that can be used for ghost. My favorite for ghost is the character he uses on his personal seal to sign his art work. It's the red character at the top of the page. It’s a rare character unknown to but a few scholars. Beautiful!

Checkout his Tea Website at lots of info...

Thank You Shangguan!


jimgottuso said...

great story mi lan wu gui... i agree, his mark is really sweet. not aware of the chinese glyphs but i don't recall seeing many that are symmetrical like that... nice.

donna said...

awww! you are a nice guy!