Sunday, September 13, 2009

In a Pinch

We are 3 weeks into our new lives as a home schooling family and I think we are all coming to terms with the new routine. The kids have adapted very well so far and seem to be flourishing already with the extra attention.

The big plus is that having the kids around so much more means that they are quickly becoming more and more involved in the operations of the studio. This week we spent some time learning how to go about making pinch pots.

I have to fess up… I never really got around to trying my hand at these so it was a lot of fun to give it a go with the kids. The best part was doing the surface designs. The walls were thick enough that we could safely carve into the surfaces with tools and then fill up the troughs with a cobalt slip. After they dried up a bit we scraped the surfaces down and added a coil foot. As always, I enjoyed watching their approach to design. Their designs were so free and fun, it never fails to kick up an internal dialog reevaluating how I structure my work.

I can see now that keeping these two around are going to really shake things up for me.


Amy Hunt Callahan said...

I never tried pinch pots until I started trying to make ocarinas. I hated trying to make the damn things whistle, but loved the pinching process. I'll have to explore this more with Wren when she gets to that stage. Good luck with the home schooling!

Winston said...

I love the idea of doing creative things with yur kids. I took one of my nieces and a nephew to my pottery class and they loved doing the pinch pots, too. I am waiting to glaze their little plates and pots now, and the two are really hopping up and down to see what happens when their pieces come out of the kiln. I am thinking of buying some extra clay from the class for them to do stuff at home. I think more potters should encourage their kids to start joining in the process as soon as they can. If nothing else, it kickstarts the creativity in the kids, I think.

Barbara Dunshee said...

I agree, that's some inspired/inspiring work!

MudStuffing Pottery said...

I dig these pots. Reminds me I need to get my kids out into the studio more!