Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Moo Moment

Another batch of MooCards arrived few days ago. This batch is for promoting my FetishGhost and BoneOrchard collections at Bay Area events this fall. They have all already passed my coffee shop test with flying colors and are ready for special service.

(For a quick flashback, the coffee shop test is throwing whatever visual aid I’m currently working on onto the floor of the neighborhood coffee shop and see if people will stop and pick it up. If they pick it up and throw it away, it’s not a winner. If they pick it up and put it in their pocket, it’s a winner.)

I don’t usually promote things like this but, MAN, I really love these things! They feel really neat and look as cool as you make them. The first batch of moo cards has been moooooving really well and are doing precisely the job that I needed them to do. These little buggers are proving to be a perfect support media for sparking curiosity in my local markets this fall… and that’s great because my local market is one tough nut.

The downside is that they are pretty darn expensive though… these work out to be around $.25 each. So, I’m not running around pressing these into everyone’s hands indiscriminately… these cards are generally held in reserve for interested potential clients that I get to meet and talk with directly.

A really cool side note is that I’ve been hearing back from people that I’ve handed cards out to mentioning what great bookmarks they are making! Any support media that doesn’t instantly find the trashcan is a Score!

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Amy Hunt Callahan said...

I totally thought about exploring these, but was deterred by the cost. Seeing what you've done with them makes me go hmm... very cool.