Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekend Bisque

It's finally the weekend and the last load of greenware thrown earlier in the week is dry enough to throw into the bisque kiln. It's a sprint the the finish. It's a spot less than 2 weeks till Witchapalooza and I'm looking at running 3 glaze loads through the kiln. I really hope Old Bessy doesn't decide to kick out on me now...
Here's a look at some of the ware waiting to get cook'n

A few small 2 pound, carved and stenciled canisters.I'm hoping that they come out of the kiln looking similar to their big brother that went through last month.

Another load of paper stenciled Bone Orchard yumoni and chawans just in time for fall. Unfortunately, this will probably be the be the last load of spooky ware for the year... Bumm'n.

A pleasant surprise... I found a few of the "Time Flies" stencils left over from last year. They were well hidden in a pile of paper that was headed twords the recycle bin. I guess cleaning the studio has it's rewards after all.

Now the fun of mixing and sifting glazes! Yea!

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Anonymous said...

good luck on getting the 3 loads through... lots of nice pot. i really dig those bone orchard yunomis.