Sunday, December 18, 2011

Morning Fog

Sideways drips always remind me of the wind pushing the morning fog through the delta. Just gotta play...
Testing a black stain under a shino.
I had seen my studio mate Jess doing some pretty darn cool stuff using this combo on bisque and I had to give it a quick run to see how well the stain would punch through layers of glaze.
I'm formulating a new Evil Plan for the new year...

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jim said...

hey joel,
lots of great posts... love the cannister in the shot and good to see lots of production despite the holidays. the video of the dude flying is unbelievable... makes me wonder if i would simply have a heart attack if i jumped off a mountain like that. the video of mr. middleton is great too. i knew how he did it but it was great to watch... i wonder how many he scuffed or dripped on the outside while trying to shape from the inside only? no pain no gain.