Saturday, December 24, 2011

Off the Shelf

Potters are habitual problem solvers... 
My experience leads me to think that we more often than not, choose too build upon our failures rather than our successes.

This is another piece that should have been smashed long ago. 
It's from 2008 as I was starting up my studio...

It was way too thick and out of balance, but it was my first attempt at using paper stencils and at stacking thrown rings.
I kept it next to the wheel, enthralled with the possibilities for over year and now I literally use it as a door stop.
I kept it because I loved the potential it represented. 
A path that has since explored shape, surface, technique, and texture...
It's a piece that's been more valuable to me as a failure than as a sellable success.
I love my job!

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Josh Ratza said...

Indeed! Thanks for sharing this kernel. Another reason to keep little fingers from prying your shard pile apart. Also explains why I set things in or throw things in!