Wednesday, December 28, 2011

8 Fluid Oz 2012

 Sending off a piece for this year's 2012  Fluid Oz. exhibition at the Glassell Gallery at Louisiana State University

Getting an opportunity to put work along side of 89 noted ceramic artists, educators, and craftsmen from all across the country feels good... really good.


barbaradonovan said...

Oh cool! It's always a great cup packed show in a really nice little downtown gallery. Openings are very well attended. I always look forward to seeing it because there are loads of great cups and lots sell. I'll try to remember to take photos and post this time around. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing your work in person :)

FetishGhost said...

Yes! YeS! YES! Please Barbara!
It's always frustrating not getting to see these shows and experience the ambiance of the space.
Thanks for tickling my curiosity with the exhibitions opening. I've heard from a few directions that it's a darn good one.

jim said...

congrats joel, beauty cup