Saturday, December 31, 2011

Interview with Maurice Sendak

I was sitting in the studio earlier this week working alone and caught Terri Gross's interview with Maurice Sendak.
It was a sad interview with a cherished writer and illustrator. He was brave enough to speak plainly and bluntly about the humanity of aging,  it left me moist eyed but feeling oddly happy.
Well worth the 20 minutes listening time.


Ron said...

Yes, I heard this too. I was a bit teary at the end. He seemed very humbled and sullen.

jim said...

i didn't hear it but saw a small vid online with maurice that opened with him saying that people always ask him why he didn't write a sequel to "where the wild things are" because it was such a hit. then he paused and said "go to hell" and then more slowly "go... to... hell". he's a man after my own heart.