Sunday, July 24, 2011


Gotta share...

Quite a bit of time spent over the past few weeks with the kids went into DeltaFusion, a giant puppet making project at University of the Pacific. The experience was lead by an amazing team pulled from In the Heart of the Beast up in Minneapolis Minnesota.
This got a bunch of small hands thinking about what comes next... love it when that happens.

Special photo credits go to Patrick Giblin,to see more of his shots, head on over to his flicker page.

Great show everyone! Job well done kids!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vintage Shots

Everyone needs a laugh now and then... here's a good one.

This is a vintage shot from an very treasured old friend. It's from the Mad Hatters Tea Party in Memphis 1986... it's all a very pleasant blurr, but the event is legendary non-the-less. (It's the larger communal group blurr that helps contribute to the myth of a great event.)
Mohawks are cool...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Take 2

More refires went along for the ride through the kiln this weekend. Back up and over the top to cone 10.

 Love the richness of the surface... flashing washes and soda are such a great mix.

This piece originally sat in a cold spot in a soda kiln firing. The soda played very well with the Helmer's wash used on the surface, but it took the second go though to mature the Hamada White used as a liner.

The piece below is a refire as well. It was reglazed using a Orielly White over the flashing wash.

 The way the glazes reacted with each other made it looklike ice crystals had gotten trapped in the surface.


I could really get hooked on body reduction.

Shifting into Neutral

Still clearing the decks in the studio to make way for what's in the pipe. This weekend this means burning through another load of cups in prep for a run of decals.

Gotta keep it simple... 

The test firing from 2 weeks ago worked well enough. It was my first go at taking cone 10 work though the process so I'm gonna enjoy screwing around on a project that as whimsical as this...

It ain't Art, but these get a decent smile at the neighborhood coffee shop ;)


Meet my new friend.

I got a chance to spend Saturday firing off the UOP studio kiln... this bugger I'm starting to affectionately call "2Deep" because you almost have to have someone hold on to your legs when you tip in to load the first 2 shelves. (Think I cracked a frigg'n rib leaning over the edge a few weeks ago... @#*%)

She drives like my old 53 Chevy used too... if you aren't in a hurry, it'll get you where you are going, you just have to be prepared to give it a little push.

Clary Illian Interveiw

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quick Draw

I've been banking up enough reclaim clay to start playing a game.
This is "Quick Draw"

The assignment is to use 25 lbs of clay to create a portrait in under an hour.
There's no expectations attached, just see what happens and enjoy the process and repeat...


Happiness is getting to watch a Orton cone 10 puddle once again.

There's really nothing quite like getting to turn it up to 11...