Monday, July 4, 2011

Take 2

More refires went along for the ride through the kiln this weekend. Back up and over the top to cone 10.

 Love the richness of the surface... flashing washes and soda are such a great mix.

This piece originally sat in a cold spot in a soda kiln firing. The soda played very well with the Helmer's wash used on the surface, but it took the second go though to mature the Hamada White used as a liner.

The piece below is a refire as well. It was reglazed using a Orielly White over the flashing wash.

 The way the glazes reacted with each other made it looklike ice crystals had gotten trapped in the surface.


Laura Farrow said...


ang design said...

mmm yummy crystals :)) love those suprises..

Unknown said...

Very nice glaze play. That rust under the blue just looks amazing!

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jim said...

hi joel,
really nice crystalline orange surface on there