Sunday, July 26, 2009

Late Night Pour

It was a fun late night for the family. Non-ferrous FireWorks. The kids are really enjoying learning the process. A six year old with a blowtorch is still kinda scary though... ok, it's still really scary.

Investment covered sprewtrees, give them a quick shot with a power washer and...

They are clean enough to begin disassembly.

This should keep me busy while I sprew up the next load.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Deamon Kitty

The end of a long day practising for the backyard circus act... Don't you miss the ever long summer days?

The Long Slow Transition

I’ve been spending the past week and a half trying to dodge the glory. In this case I was trying to avoid killing myself laying flagstone out in the 109 degree heat. (I’m really getting to old for this kind of shit… it looks great but… ouch!) Unfortunately I’ve been using a bit of my down time during the midday heat to pick up a few books. This has meant time spent cruising the teen fiction isle of the library (they have air-conditioning) and swapping books with my 10 year old. Darn things are literary crack, boobtube for the literate mind. Now I’ll have to add summer reading to my list of personal vices.

Well in between the summer novels, flagstone, throwing, and firing of another load of bisque… I’ve been enjoying a slow slide into setting up the jewelry studio to create this year’s new silver works for FetishGhost Studio. I’ve been fairly timid about getting everything reestablished… last time the studio was fully up, I kind of went a bit nuts and tuned out the world for a good long time while I did my thing… After almost a decade of having the studio essentially folded up, I’m nearly bursting… there are just so many thoughts that have languished on the pages of my sketchbooks …. way too many new paths to be explored.

This could be very, very bad…

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lazy Daze

This is a quick image heavy post sharing a very brief glimpse into the RedGate’s studio back door over the past week.

I should probably clean up this mess.

Hey Are Those My Pants!

Well for many many many years, I've been noted for swiping kitchenware and appliances from the general safety of our kitchen and moving them to "the Pit of No Return" known as my studio. This is a point of friendly contention between me and my wife. (Ok, I fooling myself... she wants to rip my ears off whenever she suspects that I've used the mixer for plaster... again)

So maybe using her pants for this experiment wasn't a great idea. I've been busting up and slaking down failed green ware (I used my pants for that chore). Now I've got 6 five gallon buckets of slurry and one plaster bat for drying.
I had heard that you could tie off the legs, pour the slip in, and hang the pants from a clothesline.

Sounds like a great idea!

It worked... kinda. The pants were WAY to heavy for a cloths line, the stiffen clay was a pain to get out without adding lots of dried crunchy bits from the crotch, and now my wife wont stop glaring at me... but in my defence, all of my pants have holes in them and would leak clay out all over the place!

I'll just throw them in the washing machine and they'll be good as new!

Hey! Just kidding!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fit for Adventure

Getting a good fit for a bracelet via the web is actually fairly easy when compared to other body ornament with a more specific fit, (like a ring or a choker).
Measuring yourself for a one of my bracelets is easy though…

I prefer using a cloth measuring tape for this, but a piece of string and a ruler works just as well.

FetishGhost’s bracelets are measured a half inch short to accommodate the play needed for proper function of the clasp. This helps provide a nice loose fit that pleasantly drapes over the heel of the hand.
The fit is Sweet…

I take my baseline measurements over the wrist bone. This establishes the play needed for a fantastic fit.

It's simple...
I do highly recommend stacking elements. I really enjoy wearing nearly a pound of wrist weight on each arm for a very physical night of dancing. (I go for the endorphin high; it usually leads to very interesting sources for late stories later on).

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Spinning Wheels

A long lazy summer day of cleaning the studio and mixing glazes while Nico works on her throwing technique.

This is the youngest of my 2 studio monkeys. At 6, she's already working on her product line for our local farmer's markets and is angling in on her older brothers studio chores.

I had to stop, sit down and enjoy this moment. I take it for granted that I'll have my constant companion at my side longer than she'll most likely be there. I can see that could be changing soon. It wasn't all that long ago she was tucked into a papoose on to my back as we did our rounds in the gardens and studio together.
I love being a Dad...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Load it up!

I love loading up greenware... there is rarely enough space, but it's fun to try and squeeze... just.. one... more... in.

Dang! I forgot to take a picture! Oh well...

The BoneOrchard is going to be happy, lots of new skully designs on the ribbed yunomi.