Monday, March 31, 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bowling Green

Set'em up...

Knock em down...

I love looking at unfired greenware.
There's so much hope and possibility just sitting on the shelf.

The studio right now is exclusively filled with experiments and ideas. Depending on they are counted, there are no less than 9 series moving from the sketchbook to kiln. Unfortunately (although quite possibly very fortunately) these series are working through the studio in slow motion. it gives me time to think while my hands are busy doing other things.I 'm left chomping at the bit to find out what doesn't work though.

Jess was kind enough to leave me a few forms of hers to play with while she was gone and I think I prefer playing with her ball. I really enjoy her approach to the object. Lately, it quickly becomes more of a game when she is on the court..

The weight is still focused on learning to play with crafting my surfaces and gaining experience laying down the layers and a solid approach to my lines. Just going to have to let form happen right now, let that take care of itself, but the narratives I have in my head aren't going to work until all the squirmy details of process are worked out.

It's becoming more and more important for me to take a stance of "This is not going to be Lick and Stick decorative work". There's so many more valid reasons to take on the challenge of bringing meaning to the material and make flawed work with charm and character, than make perfect work that's devoid of vulnerability.

I need to make work that's loaded with meaning at least for myself.
I'm not a potter...
This isn't about economics and paying the bills.
I'm just a man in search for incomplete meaning.
It's back to "Beauty before Bread."

Friday, March 7, 2014


I have to admitt something.
I've whole heartedly believed that catering to an Ethos of Perfection has always enabled me to live with comfortable illusion of adhering to a well worn path that allows me to engage with anyone holding piece of my work.

I know that as craftsman, I always have a solid handle on where I stand using a harmonious controlled form, an intentional surface, and a low deep bow down to function.
Can't forget function...

It's starting to feel like cheating.

I'm finding that I'm increasingly not interested in chasing perfection through harmony.
My own hand tells me that I prefer emotionally engaging work through an intentional discord of the surface. 

Tactfully and physically... 
 It's a Borderland.