Monday, May 31, 2010

For Saki's Sake

Saki... sake... whatever... these little sake cups are just over an inch and a half tall...

I get a charge from running other fellow studio potters works through my studio's glazes and kiln. They never fail to bring in fresh views regarding form (everyone experimenting with something or another...) and it's always a learning experience to see how my glazes interact with what they got. These inch and a half tall saki shots took the crackle and crawl glaze very nicely... they feel great and light as a whisper!

These works are from MossBeach studio potter Matt Brown. He was brave enough to drop by and glaze these up a few months ago. Between rain, kiln room flooding, kiln failures, and LOTS of whatnot... actually putting them through the kiln has been put off until this weekend.
I really really like what came out. NICE...
Thanks Matt!

1 comment:

Matt Brown said...

Wow! These look great Joel! Thanks. I am really glad you got your kiln going you know. Smart to remove the ring.


That green is super. I need to try that out. Simply excellent. Reminds me or Malachite.