Monday, May 24, 2010

DogGone It

The neighborhood hosted a dog parade and fundraiser for local animal shelters this week-end. I was expecting maybe we'd be pushing it to get 100 people showing up, but the attendance was easily around 1500!
I pulled the wheel out again and parked it next to the bouncy house and let the kids give it a whirrl.
The neighborhood skate pack decided that maybe they were getting short changed by not getting to do things like this in school anymore. To bad too... they are all naturals.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you, Zygote!
School these days just teaches kids to be good little conformists, and especially, good little consumers, if they get taught anything at all.
Art has been eliminated or reduced, lest the younguns get the idea that they could ever conceive, design, or make anything on their own. Just buy. Funny how sports continues, because it is so tightly tied to competition, and of course, BUSINESS. I suppose there have been cuts there, but they don't seem as prevalent as in the arts.
You're to be thanked for providing kids with a glimpse of what they could do, see, be.