Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Arts Endowment Fund for Stockton in Jeopardy

I hope you would consider joining us tonight in a show of support against the recommendation of the city manager to use the $1.3 million dollars arts endowment to help provide a short term plug in Stockton's growing budget deficit.

This is the endowment that funded the grant that the local Potter's Guild was awarded to keep going last year.

We must protect the future of the arts in this community. The grants are given out each year with the interest generated by the principal on this endowment. This was designed to be a long term solution to develop the Arts in Stockton and was intended to encourage established and emerging artists while helping mainstream arts organization expand their audiences.



2nd floor City Hall

Please, please attend. this is very important to us all.

-Zygote Blum-

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