Saturday, June 11, 2011

Carlton Ball Clear Chun Cone 9-10

 42.4  Feldspar (Custer)
1.8    Kaolin (EPK)
26.5  Flint (325)
2.6    Whiting
8.8    Gerstley Borate
8.8    Dolomite
1.76  Zinc Ox
4.4    Barium Carb

 This is a cone 9-10 Clear Chun for oxidation.

It's proving to be a Chun that plays well with stenciled slips and is stable with minimal crazing in the surface.
It has those beautiful little micro bubbles suspended in the glaze, but you've really got to get up on it to see the effect.

to get a nice Chun White effect.
2.6   Tin Ox

 And/Or add
0.5  Copper Carb
5.6  Rutile
0.2   Cobalt Carb
for a nice light blue chun


ang design said...

mmmmm will give the white chun a test next firing :))

FetishGhost said...

It's yummy!

Unknown said...

Oh yea!! Me too~ that jar looks delicious :)

Tom said...

Very nice. Will mix up some chun this summer.