Sunday, June 12, 2011

Black Englobe

800 G-200
400 Talc
800 Ballclay
1000 EPK
1000 Flint
100 Borax

500 Black iron ox
130 Black Cobalt Ox
45 Manganese Dioxide

6 quarts of distilled water

I know, I know... who needs 6 quarts of this soup? But this stuff is that good! It flows really well off a brush and it works fantastic as a wash. Works great at cone 6 as well as cone 10.
Make enough to share with friends!


cori sandler said...

love this work of yours... question about the black engobe. I curently work in electric cone 6 with the occassional wood/soda/salt firings. So... with regards to cone 6, you say this recipe is good at cone 6. I have been using an amaco JET black underglaze slip trailed as an outline for my prebisqued decorations,and ti is stable. I use a clear glaze over the work. My question is do you know if this recipe is still food safe with all that mangasese dioxide? I avoid using it, because I remember being told way long ago that it is a heavily toxic chemical. ( is that just in dry state, or do I have to worry about it in glaze ( fired) as well. I hope this is not a really silly question,...
Thanks for any direction here,... again, love love love your work!

FetishGhost said...

Hi Cori,
I've been told this recipe is safe when used under a glaze. With that said, I still refuse to use anything with manganese dioxide on the inside of functional ware... period. Amaco Jet Black falls into that category as well. I'm assuming it's loaded with the stuff. (the black comes from a combo of a very small number of materials and they are usually all present to get a true black.)
Anything goes on the exterior though. Can't leach where the food don't touch.

Cheers Cori!

FetishGhost said...

On second thought, I really need to look into this. I'm not sure why line work buried under a stable glaze wouldn't be food safe.