Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Playing with Novel Formats for Etsy Listings

I started pasting together a handful of these demo pages last month using a few the spare photos Andor and I had taken this summer. I thought these paste-ups might be a novel addition to my Etsy shop pages and I needed to explore different ways communicating some of the processes I use to create my work.
This seems to be a recurring theme this year. In all the different venues I'm currently working with, figuring out how to show customers what happens in the studio seems to make a huge difference in customers perceptions and how they value my finished work.
I'll post a few of these on slow nights.

1 comment:

Sarah Dungan said...

Unsolicited design comment...since the image is mostly blue...instead of a bright yellow you might try and orangey tone to compliment the blues :-)

Okay I'm done...aren't you glad I found your blog? hehe