Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Living Life on the Learning Curve" or "Anouther Day of Doh!"

All right, so a good part of Monday was spent prepping the kiln, glazing bisque ware, and then came a typical long night of burning expectations while the kiln fires.

Well... I'm often the one who points out that if you aren't messing stuff up, you aren't trying hard enough.

Yeah I know, it's probably not a great catch phrase to run a business by, it is an excellent motto to investigate a process with. Still... it can get pretty frustrating sometimes, but sometimes the results are amazing.
This came out looking like a nice 'n' tasty toasty marshmallow.

A scrumptious GhostBlue glaze with fantastic optics trapped in the surface breaking off the rim. The photo series from this shoot doesn't do this glaze combo justice. This series is gorgeous!
I love the new GhostMoth stencil. I cut a stack of 32, but I've already used up nearly all of em.
I live for the small victories!

Like I was saying... so with all the success there was still a downside. And of course it was a big one. I had decided to try using shallow trivets with some of the cups to catch any glaze that might roll off the surface. I thought a few cups and their glaze combos might be susceptible to a little running. I had a hunch for a new solution and I needed to try it out.

I was WRONG.

The shallow concave of the trivet vitrified it self to the cup at the point of contact...
The edge of the foot then broke nicely away, creating a full set of beautiful 2nds...
And so ends my day of "Doh!"


TotusMel said...

I Love the new cups, they are gorgeous and I too am in love with your ghostmoth design. Learning is always worth a few oops.

Julie V. said...

I so appreciate your blog, I thought I would share. At the studio I go to we add Alumina Hydrate to water soluble 85315wax resist. I will look up the information and post the recipe.
I looked up on Clayart on line. Some potters sprinkle Alumina Hydrate directly on the shelf.

Julie said...

ps. My daughter added the numbers to entry. I didn't see that before I hit enter. Please ignore the numbers added infront of word wax.