Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This small animated Giff is a new experimental format for me. I've been learning to create these to show works in the round. It's just a little looped Giff that I created and access from my Photobucket account.

Dreaming of GrandFather 2

Like yesterdays post, this is another large Halloween Treasure Canister that I've created for this years collection of spooky pots. My loss rate at this scale has gotten a lot better, but it still is too high. A few banes of the studio are cracks, blown bottoms, and glaze faults, these doom a lot of these larger pots to the shard pile.

The bottoms of these three canister where reduced to rubble by steam explosions. Mental note: stilt large works if you've recently applied kiln wash. The bottoms can trap steam and pop dramatically. Cool huh?

This bane is pin
holing. I've been throwing these larger works using recycled clay... it's got alot of organic matter in it. My kids call it "FootClay" cause, quite frankly, it smells like really stinky feet. Don't worry, all of this organic matter burns out at 2000 plus degrees when the clay vitrifies, but it does need time to soak at the upper end of the kiln cycle to finish gassing off and let the little glaze bubbles heal.


TotusMel said...

I just found you, great work so far...I'm looking forward to seeing all your work here!

Bella Modiste said...

very nice work!
~The Bella Modiste