Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Feet...Dirty Feet

Happy feet are dirty feet... at least mine are after a long 5 days of ups and downs and make'n things move.... Woof!

Finally back in the studio throwing, although as of this weekend, my ol' electric kiln, (now know as "Half Pint"), officially "sucks".
That's a pretty drastic summation, but none the less accurate. I simply couldn't even drop cone 4 over this weekends firing.

And to celebrate needing to find a new firing alternitive, I threw a few large canisters!

L'homme n'est rien... l'oeuvie tout!


ang said...

wow how frustrating...bring on that elusive replacement part!! great looking jar though.. :)

Linda Fahey said...

you're kiln me...
but I do love the jar!

Mr. Young's Art said...

Fantastic jar my friend! Sorry to hear about the kiln problems, hope they clear up soon with a new part.
On another note, those shoes are standard footwear here in the islands! If you wear the new clean ones, it's considered almost semi-formal!

Let me know when the package arrives... I'm worried it may get broken.