Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stay at Home Vacation

Well this must have started with a wish… I had been feeling a bit burnt at the edges the past few weeks. I’m not sure why exactly. I have suspicions… but hey… my for the record answer is that, “Over the years, I’ve become a sun child and, seasonally, the weeks of overcast skies doesn’t do me (or anyone around me), a bit of good. “ That’s for the record.

Any way I knew I needed a break, but what I really needed was a vacation. I needed to go somewhere with lots of sun… some snow or ocean (preferably both)… maybe a bit of adventure… and it needed to run $35 or less. It was follow neighborhood blogger, TotusMel who clued me into a fantastic poorman’s/woman’s vacation…


I haven’t played much in the way of video games since the kids were old enough to effectively monopolize the controllers, (honestly I really haven’t had the time to blow anyway), but…. This is where the wish comes in… I got the flu!

Best darn thing to happen in a while. I sat in bed with a fever, joyously slogging though hours and hours and hours and hours of adventures. (Hours)

Ahhhh, the glory! Here is a shot of me with the village chief. It’ s not really a good shot though… my eyes are closed. Doh!

It really worked though… I’m feeling much better now and it’s back to filling spring orders.


TotusMel said...

Awesome...just awesome. My ds is dying so I haven't even finished the game, but vacation is over for me.

Brian said...

Zelda rocks when you're away from clay and recuperating. Haven't gotten the new one yet tho.

julietteisdead said...

Zelda! I used to play Zelda on Nintendo in the late '80s and early '90s. What a great game. Looks like the DS version is slightly more snazz than the one from 20-some years ago. :o)

Jesse Lu said...

I love zoning out with video games... unfortunately I have neither a video or a game or a television for that matter.