Sunday, January 10, 2010

Clay and Blogs; Please Pass the Soap

I know I’ve said this before… nearly all of what I do in the studio is analogous with “singing in the shower”… I do it for mostly my own amusement and, from where I’m standing, I usually enjoy the results. This strategy is loosely based on the idea that if I can’t sell what I’m making, it better be something I can live with because... well… I’ll be living with it. So with that in mind, I put my head down and I keep busy. I think a whole lot of us approach what we do in the studio this way.

My studio blog was originally started with the same thoughts in mind. It was simply a studio diary that gave anyone that might be interested a bit of insight into the studio life of a niche ceramic artist in Northern California. The blog had a purpose… it was simple… it was to show people that I wasn’t simply pooping out studio ceramics. (Some artists may actually do this… not me… I joyously sweat mine out.)

The blog has changed and grown since then. It wouldn’t have gone very much further if it wasn’t so much fun… so it’s back to that “singing in the shower” analogy… (I really do enjoy myself).

Now I’m still in this shower (just to keep the analogy going), but now I’m finding a whole lot more people in here singing away too! A whole lot more! Most everyone seems to be enjoying themselves grandly while singing a different tune.

A golden moment happened a few weeks ago…Meredith from WhyNotPottery asked me if I’d be interested in stepping out of the shower and show what I got… (just keeping with the a fore mentioned analogy going so to speak).

It was an inventation to show at the “Clay and Blogs; Telling a Story” exhibition in Seagrove, North Carolina along with 32 other fellow ceramic artists. It’s a group of artists and writers that I am very, very honored to be asked to stand up with.

Just as a special note, the behind the scenes on this show has been a big hoot so far, so stay tuned on this one… the chorus from the shower could get REAL good!




What a fun and lovely post. I have enjoyed reading what you have to write and, I mean, what you sing. Glad to be part of your backup chorus, if that's how this analogy works... :)

Keep it up - love the tune!

Linda Starr said...

Sing-alongs are such fun

cookingwithgas said...

We are all right there with the high kicks.
But can ask for a towel please!?
This should be fun and exciting.
Thanks for the post!

Rob Addonizio from Taiko-Earth said...

I love how your blog keeps evolving. Very entertaining, and a great example to follow! Now for the obvious,

jimgottuso said...

happy dance here too joel... we're in a show together!

Hyla said...

Lucky Lucky! I cant wait to hear about it and see pictures! Congratulations!