Saturday, January 9, 2010

San Joaquin Potters Guild Show at the GoodWin Gallery

A new season of local openings are just beginning here in the San Joaquin valley. This was the second opening in as many nights for Nico and myself. We didn't need much extra feeding by the time we got home both nights. As always, she earned her keep helping set-up and speaking with all of the guests, (what position is that... professional mingler?) Tonight's opening was the SJ Potters Guild presenting their members works at the Goowin Gallery.
Good show everyone!


cookingwithgas said...

It is nice to see night life in January.

Anonymous said...

i see a vase with a skeleton playing a guitar. i have a watercolor that's been in my bedroom for 20 years with a skeleton playing a guitar. it's blues oriented and at the bottom it says "i got yo spoonfuh hangin hot loose an heavy behine dis ass hot axe"... guess it's not the same kinda thing

FetishGhost said...

The skeleton guitar hero is by local artist Don Hall,I'm not sure what title he has on it, but I pretty sure it's not as saucy as all of that.