Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dreaming a Big Dream Part 3

This is posting is a bit of a moot point now that Hyla pointed out that stairs + adult arts center + clay = not well thought out.

Still, its a cool building that's relitively cheap-ish.

Makes me wish I was a painter. I guress there's nothing like 10,000 square feet of well lit floor space to stretch out in to take up painting.


ang said...

surely theres a freight lift...

FetishGhost said...

I'll be happy if there are stairs.

Jesse Lu said...

I can't believe I've missed these posts... Haven't read blogs in a few days and look what happens- BIG DREAMS.

Go for it! This sounds like such a great idea... And all the buildings look so awesome, even though the point about the stairs is a good one.

Oh, I can't wait to see what happens! ;)

Hyla said...

Im imagining making huge paper mache/wire dragon heads and what not that would not do well traveling multiple levels.

Really though with clay and many other mediums you want a ground floor.

The first it still my absolute favorite, I love the big windows!

Anonymous said...

Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago is based ina an old gear factory, and is in a four story building. There is a freight elevator, and they have kilns on the ground and second floors. The clay part of the studio is the ground floor, but there are artists' studios on all floors.
Don't let the fact that it's a multistory building daunt you, just be sure elevators are available.