Sunday, January 25, 2009

TideWater Souper Supper Finished Bowls Part 2

So after spending days and days of throwing, slipping, and glazing oodles and oodles of bowls… I’ve finally unloaded the 2nd of 3 glaze kilns that I’m burning for the TideWater’s Souper Supper fundraiser. Here’s 6 bowls from the second kiln load.

This is a quick selection from the second kiln load of 40 bowls for this year’s TideWater’s Souper Supper fund raiser. I’m really happy; there are a lot of very nice pieces this year. I’ve only lost 3 bowls this time through. One more kiln load to open still. This last load is part of a kiln load up at the local community college’s gas kiln. Professor Joe Mariscal volunteered to donate kiln space for a community cone 10 gas firing in support of the project.
Thanks Joe!
It’s been cooling down for a few days; it’ll be ready to be opened first thing tomorrow morning. The anticipation is needling me.

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Ben Stark said...

The variation in form and surface that you achieve astounds me! Fantastic work!