Monday, January 5, 2009

Ahh! The Joy of Getting a Rocking New Yunomi

I wish you all could reach out and touch this piece.
I just got this in the mail from a new friend in the Bay Area who happens to be the artist and craftsman behind
This is an amazing soda fired yumoni with a fantasticly flashed and crackled slip exterrior that's compleate with "mineral tears" that oozed and harden on it's surface at the peak of it's firing, giving it a fun surface texture that feels really cool.

This is a potters cup. It's a true work of he(art).

Not only is he a top notch ceramisist, but he's also a pretty darn good writer too. I love a well worded explanation of what I'm seeing. Here's part of his discription for this piece...

This cup has a shino exterrior that blushes orange in proportion to the soda available in the atmosphere of the kiln. Where there is a particularly heavy hit of soda, the soda forms gray to green rivulets down the side of the cup. The Japanese asthetic of wabi sabi implies the imperfection, incompleteness, and impermanance of all things. These yonomi helps focus the owner on the uniqueness and beauty of the moment as they are held and used.

Hey Matt... You're the Man!

Licks, Love, & Luck...


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