Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Love a Great Racer!

“Racers” are my top-shelf items. These are what I consider to be either exceptional gallery quality work or work that I consider pivotal for my studio. The latter usually means making a leap of faith combined with a touch of experience to steer the results to a dramatic finish. This is generally how I make head way. It’s usually rather self indulgent I admit… but it is what I live for.

These are experiments using a new crawl and texture glaze. When this glaze works, it’s amazing! But it doesn't always work.

Here are 3 racers from this week's firings.


ginny said...

Wow! Amazing glazing!

Wenchie said...

I like how each one came out they have such an organic quality to them, the top and bottom ones remind me of coral.

Sarah Dungan said...

Ooh nice textures! Can't wait to see more glaze experiments :-)