Sunday, November 7, 2010

Onggi Kick Wheel Plans

Tacking this up on my to do list for this winter.
A big "Thanks" to San Diego State University for putting this plan out there for all of us MudHeads.


Eric Soulé said...

Thanks for plans !

Mr. Young said...

Excellent! Much easier than the other sets of plans I have found and printed out!

jim said...

there's a project to sink your teeth into

Anonymous said...

Hey Joel: I have a good background in construction and find these plans incomplete. Not to sure I could build this kick wheel from what I've seen. Is there more info or does one just ad lib? Looks like a fun project and can always use another wheel, however I do have a kick wheel. Let Me know on the wheel plans. Mike

bfreeceramics said...

i didn't notice the soju cup holder in the plans... but, that's easily added.

FetishGhost said...

Hey Mike,
Incomplete is part of the fun, eh? I'll be making a few changes to the plans myself too, but they should be perfect for providing a good starting point for this style of wheel. I'm totally curios for any input before I get started.

Adam Field said...

Here are some further instructions from the good folks at SDSU:

"The plywood is simply screwed and glued together,
and the wood given a coat of Thompson's Water Seal. I think the posts are lag screwed into the second from top and bottom sheets of plywood along with being glued into their mortised holes, but they might just be glued. Most of the cuts were made with a router, included the mortises in the plywood for the posts. The top bearing is a 1 inch-shaft thrust bearing that we salvaged off of an old kick wheel. It is lag screwed using its flange mounting to the underside of the top laminated plywood disk. The bottom bearing I found at a salvage dealer in town (it might be something like a clutch throwout bearing - I'm not sure) The bottom
bearing mostly carries side thrust and is simply a
press fit into a routed hole in the bottom plywood

I hope this makes the project go a bit more smoothly.


FetishGhost said...

Pure Gold!
Thank you Adam!

potterboy said...

Hi - I was just wondering, did you build one of these? I am not that technically minded, but would like to have a go, having done a weekend 'throwing large' course here in the uk, and realised my electric wheel isn't really what I need. Thanks - Andy.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if a bar stool could be pulled apart and replaced with wood to create an Onggi Pottery wheel. Just wondering.

Lady said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely wheel! It inspired me to try and invent an easier pottery wheel that uses no electricity. Just last month I discovered spinning wheels by accident. Now I'm designing a pottery wheel based on the Chakra Spinning Wheel - there's three wheels making it spin very quickly. The treadle design which helped me was the Lendrum pitman design.