Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Huh? (2)

This post has nothing to do with clay. It does have everything to do with how I make a few ends meet. My part time day gig is running around like BatMan with a shovel and pruners. This is my alter ego as WaterBoy at the local community college test gardens.
The short job description is, "Capture and build beds, plant'em up, and water'em".
I thoroughly love my job.

The powers that be are building a cool new science building right next to the students' old greenhouse. (Very cool to watch go up.) Apparently that means that I get a stab at get laying in a new garden meadow across the street, (along with a few other very sizable "Capture" projects as well).
Most of Monday was spent trenching a field with a fun little "Tonka Toy" in prep for lots of new pipe. The glory of the day was spending a few hours upside-down in very muddy trench in said field. I had found an uncharted  water-pipe with my Tonka...
The chaos that ensued was absolute pure glory... the pipe was fixed and I got to enjoy getting really muddied up on a beautiful October day.

Man, I love my job...

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cookingwithgas said...

mud all around- you are a lucky man!