Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cone 6 Amber

30.27 Custer Feldspar
25.65 Whiting
36.53 Silica (325 mesh)
7.55 EPK
11.66 Red Iron Oxide

This is a beautiful warm translucent glossy amber glaze plays a versitel role in my studios Cone 6 glaze line-up. It's a very stable glaze up into Cone 7 and still It does well in any cool spots in the kiln. It also plays well with other glazes (expecally my white liner) and it's translucent nature is best put to good use with hakime, stamping, straffito, slips, ect... the iron oxide in the glaze really shows off any texture on the clays surface.

Very stable from cone 5 to cone 7.

This recipe came from ClayTimes May/June 02, page 59


Anonymous said...

that is a beauty joel... love the way it breaks over that slip, yum

am said...

milk & honey :)

brandon said...

Thanks Joel! I was looking for a Amber Glaze for my tableware and this one is beautiful! thanks for sharing

Vladimir said...

I'm in love with amber glazes (and red iron too). You may be have a look at some of my starting work : http://vladimirceramique.blogspot.be/2016/01/bol-the-chawan-ondoyant-ocre.html.
The blog is in french but the ceramic part are in clay and glaze... ;-).
Congratulations with your work.

You seem to have a large studio. Not a ghost at all...

Anonymous said...

Is this the correct amount of Red Oxide? Just double checking because this seems pretty high for an amber colour. Thanks!