Saturday, December 19, 2009

Souper Supper Bowls

Had a bit of a set-back this week… I opened up the basement door Monday morning to find 2” of water in my kiln room. I run an old electric Paragon so this kind of gave me a bit of pause. But that’s another story…

This post is just a few shots of some of the bowls that are in process for the TideWater’s Souper Supper in February. 3 of the galleries artists provided me with a taste of their art work that I could sample. I used the samples to create decals for firing onto the glazed surfaces of a bunch of this year’s bowls.
I'd like to take the oppertunity to give a special thanks to contributing TideWater artists, Sarah Lippincott, Denny Ah-Tye, and Gay Lynn Saunders. Thanks for your help! I really hope you like how they come out.
These are prefiring shots, they should be out of the kiln Monday afternoon.


Unknown said...

Wow-great rendering of images! I like the combination of patterns. Can't wait to see the finished bowls.


Unknown said...

I love this technique, and I'm not quite sure how you do it.. care to elaborate? (kind of paper, ink, cone?) Thanks! :)

Linda Starr said...

Those bowls with decals look great. I can't wait to try decals, I got the printer, but have to wait till I get relocated to a new home to experiment.

Amy Hunt Callahan said...

Those... are... gorgeous!

Good luck with dehumidifying the basement!