Friday, October 10, 2008

Bronze Pour

Gosh I love bronze pours! I've done literally thousands of them and I still get all giddy just hearing the rumble and smell of a furnace. There's something that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about pulling a 1900 degree pot of molten bronze out of the furnace.

High octane liquid potential.

I have to thank Sculptor and professor Gary Carlos for letting me help with these pours at Delta Community College in Stockton.
I had done a pretty good job putting out of my mind how much I enjoy the experience, but I think that's been blown... I'm hooked again. Damn!


TotusMel said...

I'm jealous, that looks like an amazing experience!

Hyla said...

What a beautiful past time!! Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures Zygote!

Bez Arts said...

So Lucky you!! Bronze work is so satisfying and exciting. Wish I were there to hear the bubble, siss and pop! Beyond wonderful.