Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just Keep Bowling

It’s 47 degrees outside tonight and it’s still dropping. The 3rd bisque of the week is cooling and I’m pulling from a new library of bisque for a sacrificial test glaze firing. I’m heading back out for a few more hours to top off a few glaze buckets for tomorrow.
Here are samples of greenware accompanying the front-end  notes for this weekend’s Cone 6 glaze load of bowl, bowls ,and bowls.

Half a wareboard of Amber
Half a wareboard of NutMeg

A ware board of Blue Hares Fur & Crackle

A wareboard of Blue Hares Fur & Crackle over a test slipped pattern

A ware board of Sgraffito through wax over a White Liner
(the link to this recipe take you to a clear, but it explains adding tin or zarcopax as an opacifier to make a white.)
The highlight is a long put off experiment that tests how omitting the Cobalt from the BlueHares Fur will affect the stability of what I’m putting over it… habitually chasing question marks.

And a shelf of yunomi…

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