Monday, January 24, 2011

Cone Pack Myth Answer

Well, I had my guesses, but I was pretty surprised by the results none the less.
To recap the question... "In a pinch, can you with any reliability reuse cone packs that haven't fallen the first go through?"
I really thought there would be more of a difference in the dropping of the two packs, but Noooooope.
Orton exactly.
I'm not advocating running cheap. Fresh packs are peace of mind that comes pretty darn inexpensively.... but... if you like to have a running idea of the heat work being done all over your kiln, sticking in a few undropped used packs would be fine... more or less.
Out of all of the great answers that everyone took time to leave, Subblea passed on a link that explained it dead on.

Thanks everyone! Now we need to try and blow one of those little buggers up.


Slow-1 said...

FG your paragon link has a blank space in between the / and the k so it is producing an error

ang said...

kewl.....i love testing :P

FetishGhost said...

Thanks Slow-1. I hate error messages.

Natalie Thiele said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for telling me about Peter's workshop. It is everything I hoped it would be.
Here is the recipe for
white slip formula
6 parts china clay
3 parts silica
1 part powdered borax
1/2 part Kentucky ball clay
1 part 3417 frit
Pour water over the hand mixed parts. Let the water sink in the way you would with Plaster of Paris. He didn't mention consistency. I'll ask tomorrow.
See you then,

FetishGhost said...

Thanks Natalie! That was a bunch of fun eh? The story telling was fantastic!