Friday, June 5, 2009

Variation of Blue Hares Fur

47.3 Nepheine Syenite
27 Gerstley Borate
20.3 Silica 325
5.4 EPK
2 Red iron Oxide
1 Cobalt Oxide (altough I sometimesuse cobalt Carb)
4 rutile
2 bentonite

This is a very versatile glossy blue cone 6 glaze that I've been using in my studio since 2006. It's very stable by itself and interacts well with my most of my other glazes, and more inportantly, it reacts beautifully with my standard white liner glaze creating wonderful optics breaking at the rim.

When applied thick, it produces an amazingly rich blue hares fur.
When applied thinly it produces a transparent iron blue.
This glaze begins to glass up at bisque temps, but can be taken to cone 7 quite well.

I'm most commonly using it to create my GhostBlue glaze for cones 5 to 7. The GhostBlue is a combination of my studio clear glaze with a thin application of Hares Fur over it to produce a transparent rich blue glaze that really works well with my cobalt slips.


Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Gorgeous glaze, I love how it looks with the cobalt. Thanks for sharing. Be well.

Doug said...

I agree it gives character to a piece. I use it on the exterior of mugs and bowls and team it with Randi's Red on the interior. The bigger the piece, the more gorgeous the effect.

theflowergirl said...

Love your work and I want to mix up some of your recipes. Haven't been able to find your blue slip recipe. Could you please share that? Thanks trish