Saturday, June 6, 2009

One of June's PostCard Splits

I've been promoting to my local markets with postcard splits. These are full sized post cards that I have shrunk down to half size and doubled up on a single printed postcard. I cut these cards in half to create minis that I can liberally hand out at farmers markets and drop off at any coffee and tea shops that I visit.
For the price, I'm starting to create and hand-out moo-card sized minis for several of our local artists that are partisipating in the PortCity Mud Project as well.

Prospective designs are tested at my neighborhood coffee shop by dropping a card design on the floor and noting what happens. If someone picks up a card and drops it in the bin... it's literally garbage. If they pocket it after picking it up... it's a decent design.


Wenchie said...

What a fun social experiment on the card design.

Anonymous said...

i like the litmus test on the cards... totally dig the informative glaze posts preceding and following this one, a nice window into the procedures

almapottery said...

he,he,dangerous way to gauge good designs.your card could be picked up by;
a blind person
a clean freak
somebody who looked at the back
somebody who's looking for a place to put their gum in
the owner of the place who'll kick your butt for loitering
or a busty blonde.