Friday, June 5, 2009

PortCity Mud Project

Time to start another large community project...

Everyone around here has been garumping about how the art community in Stockton is non-existent. Maybe I'm not looking at the same city, but there's a lot of arts happening here! It is a stratified community of young to old, with a unhealthy dose of pessimism and apathy spread through much of the older crowd, but there is an amazing amount of unshown talent just walking around.
The PortCity Mud Project is a grass roots project aimed at reengaging our local ceramic artists with their community using guerrilla gallery exhibitions, plain air demonstrations, and online media.
Hey, when you have nothing to lose... it's time to play!

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Sarah Dungan said...

You guys have that crazy cool museum though, with the art and the western town street built in the basement! And you had a J.C.Leyendecker exhibit I drove all the way there to see a year or two ago.
Do demo's on their shiny lawn ;-)