Saturday, May 23, 2009

Creating a Paper Stencil Part 1

Alright... I know I've shown the process before, but shooting the pictures for these stop motion "how to" videos are how my kids are earning their allowance at the moment and I'm still learning how to put it all together.

This demo is divided into 2 parts. I know I have a hard time sitting still longer than 4 minutes, so I've tried to keep each clip relatively short.

I've got lots of question marks with these videos, but my big question right now is... Does it need sound? I have my stereo blasting Miles Davis and Trombone Shorty while I'm sitting around slapping these videos together, so I assume that everyone else sitting at their computer has their own trax playing in the background.

Self doubt and second guessing always seems to lurk in the shadows, luckily it rarely keeps me from having fun!


Barbara Dunshee said...

I'm blown away that you cut out that stencil with a coping saw!

Beggar's Tomb Pottery said...

You don't really need sound but maybe a written description for those of us that are clueless. For example, how thick is the newspaper (1,2,3...sheets thick)? Is there any special blade for the saw to cut paper? I agree with is impressive to see you cut it out!

FetishGhost said...

Thanks for the feed back. I'm writting the copy explaining the process and pulling the stills for an article.
The news paper billet is 30 to 40 sheets thick and sandwiched between two sheets of plastic that stiffens up the billet for cutting with a jeweler's saw. The blades are comparable to the thickness of a hair.

cookingwithgas said...

can I say brilliant--- Blankly blank &*^%$#%&& brilliant!
I have used some stencils and made each one by hand wondering, no knowing there must be a better way.