Friday, May 29, 2009

Not a great week... but good

Well it’s been another good week around the studio. Not great… but good. I’ve been throwing, slipping, and trimming small canisters all week. This time around it‘s 2 to 3 pounders. This is the initial weight of each ball of clay when I initially start throwing it. They seem to generally lose a half a pound or more as they go through the process. The weight is lost in trimming and water weight.

And then there are the lids…lots of them. I throw my canisters first and then come the abundance of lids.

I’m rather particular on their fit, so I usually throw quite a few more than I need and toss what’s not used in to my reclaim bucket. I revisited the lid making process for a new local blog I’m playing with. If you haven’t seen how I make my lids yet, take a quick look. It’s one more approach the making a lid.

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Anonymous said...

like the step by step on lid making... i've always not enjoyed making lids, maybe i should do what you do and just make a bunch more than i need. i dig the incised band around the cup in the picture... been fooling with that a bit myself, the shape is different but just above where the foot starts i'm gonna try a deep groove to catch a bit extra glaze... we'll see