Saturday, May 23, 2009

Laguna Clay Gallery

Ok, I admit it... I enjoy a good victory. A handful of 'em in a week makes for a good week. They aren't huge... but heck, big... little... victories are victories. It's simply a matter of perspective. Either way I'm doing happy dances!

This week there have been grants accepted, pedestals made, forums found, new friends made, a kiln load readied, gardens planted, sales made, a public bronze pour, throwing demos, lots of new works thrown, and I got accepted into the Laguna Clay Gallery! I'm right after Yoshiro Ikeda. I'm very last in the line-up... COOL!
I really want to thank Jim Gottuso for cluing me into this oppertunity. His work is truly inspirational!

WoW! No picts this time? What's up with that!


Sarah Dungan said...

Congratulations on the gallery acceptance!

Anonymous said...

great to see you pots at laguna... love that agateware piece. very productive week, looks like maybe it would be a good two weeks work, and you have kids