Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Raku with Bruce

Another fun day spent with Bruce Cadman.

Man... I think that this guy really needs to wear a cape and mask, he seems to have way too much fun!

He did let me put in a piece in the raku kiln to see what might come out. I just sat back and took pictures…

Ahhhhh this is the good life! Where’s my whiskey and cigar?


jimgottuso said...

wow! boy, that came out beautifully

Elizabeth said...

this is stunning!

Georgia Harvey said...

Hi, this is beautiful; I was wondering what you used as a resist? I'm quite a recent clay obsessive and I'm particularly keen on resist raku. I've just started a blog about my experiments, please have a look if you have a chance:

FetishGhost said...

Georgia,the majority of pattern I use is put into place during leather hard stage using paper stencils and slip... but there's soooo many ways to take this and it's not limited to any particular stage of the process.
Love your blog!