Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Repositioning of a Personal Craft

The true function of my craft isn't a demonstration of skill or finesse; the function of my craft has been developed as a tool to help me cope with a life that had constantly been trying to drift out of control.
It needed to be autobiographical. It needed to be metaphorical. At times, it needed to be totemic, kind of how I imagine cave painting might have been seen by those craftsmen that painted the cave walls deep inside the earth.  Personal craft is a means to make internal sense of this big experience. A means to tell myself stories through suggestive iconography rather than through mimetic prose. A mean to sooth myself with rhythm, color, and texture. Something more akin to Art. It's not meant to be an economic engine. It's not meant to chase my problems away with dogma, it's a way to make my problems beautiful through poetry.
"Starling" 2018


Genevieve Navarre-Halse said...

I so agree with you. For me too, my craft is a way to transcend my problems and turn my pain into something beautiful through poetry.

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