Sunday, September 18, 2016

50/50 Wash

I'm This is the go to wash in our studio. 
It was brought to my attention by Jess a few years back and I huffed and puffed when I first saw her use it, but I quickly came around after playing with it, and was floored after seeing results when it's used in conjunction with the stencils, Since then, we've seen it referenced by John Britt in his glaze books. 

(2) tablespoons gerstly borate
(2) tablespoons masion stain
(1) cup water

I imagine that any masion stain or oxide can be used when mixing this up.

I use this instead of using an underglaze wash when layering on shino glazes. 

Brush it on.
Sponge it off.
Sand the surface.
Wipe it down.
Sun dry and set aside for glazing.

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Linda Starr said...

when I use stain directly on work without washing off in a painterly fashion with the 50/50 mix with double the water, haven't tried the wash method, thanks for the recipe. I use frit, do you know the advantage of using the gerstley ?